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Here is the legal stuff for this private, creative, cute, dorky website. This is generally a site for private use in the public domain. Any information you leave about yourself on this site may be viewed by others. Content editors have no control over what others do with the information you leave here. Content editors won't do too much with the info you post to this site. Actions they can take with your info include but is not limited to: using content in their geeky games, and making fun of the content you post, or in the alternative talking about how cool your posting is. There are lots of neat, weird, unusual or just plain gross looking images uploaded to these pages including photos and clip art. To the best of editors knowledge, the art or photos loaded here are NOT protected by copyright laws to the extent they can not be reproduced here and are generally available in the public domain. Lots of the language posted to these pages are based on fantasy (i.e. escapism) role playing games. To the best of editors knowledge, the text posted here is made up by the content editors but may be based on the rules or characters in the role playing products generally used. Since the whole purpose of purchasing role playing books is to play these imaginary games, we're legal there too. Any similarity to any copyrighted material is simply coincidence (Seriously!). No sound or video is uploaded here yet. Any sound which is posted should NOT be posted in a share manner and will be posted in such a way as to give credit to the artist. By share manner, we mean no one can download the music you post here (same with videos). [Boys- your lawyer highly suggests you do NOT post sound or videos to this site unless YOU are the artist]. Lastly, no photos of naked people will be on this site. For the wives/significant others of the content editors will immediately raise h-e-double hockey sticks until such a time as such material is removed. If you have any questions or have any issues with this disclaimer, post a comment.


the jokingly disapproving wife that happens to have a JD.

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