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L'Ilythiiri Zhaun'ol: The Drow Language

Drow Alphabet
Drow Alphabet

One of the Languages of Azolin

The following is a functional instruction manual on reading and writing the drow language.



Withstanding irregular forms, a plural is completed by "en" if it ends in a consonant or "n" if it ends in a vowel.

Singular Plural
jabress (mistress) jabressen (mistresses)
velve (blade) velven (blades)

Possessive Case

Coincidentally, the possessive case in the Drow language is very similar to the Common Tongue used by most races. The possessive case is completed with "'s" except if the word ends in "s" where upon "'" is added.

Drow Common
Sarn lil velg'larn's inthen Beware the assassin's schemes
Nindil zhah lil Valsharess' elgluth That is the Valsharess' whip


A verb has different forms depending on its number (singular or plural); person (first, second, third); voice (active, passive); tense (present, past, future, present perfect, past perfect, future perfect); and mood (indicative, imperative, subjunctive).


Withstanding irregular verbs, the singular form is completed with "ar".

Singular Plural
Lil sargtlin elggar (The warrior kills) Lil sargtlinen elgg (The warriors kill)
Uss jaluk elar (One male dies) Draa jaluken el (Two males die)


Verbs usually have a different form only in the third person singular of the present tense. Withstanding irregular verbs, the third person singular of the present tense is completed with "e".

First Person Second Person Third Person
Usstan belbau (I give) Dos belbau (You give) Uk belbaue (He gives)
Usstan luth (I cast) Dos luth (You cast) Il luthe (She casts)


A passive verb is a combination of a "be" verb and a past participle.

Active Passive
L'Yathrin harventhe ukt karliik )The Yathrin severs his head) Ukt karliik zhahus harventhus a'lil Yathrin (His head was severed by the Yathrin)


Withstanding irregular verbs, the past tense is completed with "us".

Active Voice Passive Voice
Present Tense Uk phlithe (He hates) Uk zhah phlithus (He is hated)
Past Tense Usstan phlithus (I hated) Usstan zhahus phlithus (I was hated)
Future Tense Dos orn phlith (You will hate) Dos orn tlu phlithus (You will be hated)
Present Perfect Dos inbal phlithus (You have hated) Dos inbal tlus phlithus (You have been hated)
Past Perfect Il inbalus phlithus (She had hated) Il inbalus tlus phlithus (She had been hated)
Future Perfect Usstan zhal inbal phlithus (I shall have hated) Usstan zhal inbal phlithus (I shall have been hated)


The mood of the verb indicates the tone in which the statement is made. The common "-ing" ending found in many verbs of the indicative mood is completed with "-in". There are no other endings for the imperative or subjunctive moods.

INDICATIVE: Udos phuul raldarin l'waess da'fol rivvin (We are stripping the skin from some humans)


Adjectives have three forms: positive, comparative, and superlative. Withstanding irregular forms, the comparative form is completed with "ur" while the superlative is completed with "url". The common "-ful" suffix for many adjectives is indicated by "'urn".

Positive Comparative Superlative
Olath (Dark) Olathur (Darker) Olathurl (Darkest)
Ssin’urn (Beautiful) Mzild ssin’urn (More beautiful) Mzilst ssin’urn (Most beautiful)


Adverbs, like adjectives, have three forms: positive, comparative, and superlative. Withstanding irregular forms, the comparative form is completed with "ur" while the superlative is completed with "url". The common "-ly" suffix for many adverbs is indicated by "ne" (or "e" if ending in "n").

Positive Comparative Superlative
Al (Well) Alur (Better) Alurl (Best)
Ssin’urne (Beautifully) Mzild ssin’urne (More beautifully) Mzilst ssin’urne (Most beautifully)


Number Drow Order Drow
one uss first ust
two draa second drada
three llar third llarnbuss
four quen fourth quenar
five huela fifth huelar
six rraun sixth rraunar
seven blyn seventh blynar
eight lael eighth laelar
nine thal ninth thalar
ten szith tenth szithar
eleven szithus eleventh szithusar
twelve szithdra twelfth szithdrar
thirteen szithla thirteenth szithlar
fourteen szithuen fourteenth szithuenar
fifteen szithuel fifteenth szithuelar
sixteen szithraun sixteenth szithraunar
seventeen szithlyn seventeenth szithlynar
eighteen szithael eighteenth szithaelar
nineteen szithal nineteenth szithalar
twenty draszith twentieth draszithar
fifty hueszith fiftieth hueszithar
hundred ravhel hundredth ravhelar
thousand szithrel thousandth szithrelar


Direction Drow
east luent
north trezen
northeast trez’nt
northwest trez’in
south werneth
southeast wern’nt
southwest wern’in
west linoin

Drow Houses

  • Aleanrahel
  • Aleval
  • Arabani
  • Arkhenneld
  • Auvryndar
  • Barrison'del'armgo
  • Claddath
  • Despana
  • DeVir
  • Eilservs
  • Everhate
  • Faen Tlabbar
  • Fey-Branche
  • Freth
  • Helviiryn
  • Hlaund
  • Hun'ett
  • Kenafin
  • Kilsek
  • Ky'Alur
  • Lylyl
  • Maerret
  • Melarn
  • Noquar
  • Ousstyl
  • Rilynt'tar
  • Teken'duis
  • Tormtor
  • Zauviir

Drow Cities

Abaethaggar Abburth Baereghel Charrvhel'raugaust Chaulssin Ched Nasad Cheth Rrhinn Erelhei-Cinlu Eryndlyn Faneadar Guallidurth Haundrauth Ithilaughym Llurth Dreier Luihaulen'tar Maerimydra Orlytlar Rilauven Sshamath Sshanntynlan Szithlin T'lindhet Tyrybblyn Uluitur Undraeth V'elddrinnsshar Waethe Hlammachar Yuethindrynn

City Institutes

  • Arach-Tinlith - Temple of Lloth and academy for Yathrin
  • El'lar d'Ssinssrigg - House of Pleasure
  • Sorcere - Academy of Wizardry
  • Melee-Magthere - Academy of Warfare
  • Valsharen Drow Vel'Xundussa Magthere - Royal Drow Security Institute


Title Definition
C’rintri noble Drow
Dalharil daughter
Dalharuk son
Faerz’un’arr seeress
Ilharess matron
Ilharn patron
Jabress mistress (female in charge of some task or office)
Jabbuk master (male in charge of some task or office)
Malla honored (a term of respect preceding a title)
Myrlochar minion of Lolth (soul spider)
Qu’abban House agent
Qu’el’faeruk House wizard
Qu’el’saruk House weaponsmaster
Qu’el’velguk House assassin
Sargtlin Drow warrior
Shebali rogue, non-noble Drow
Ssins d’Aerth professional entertainer (prostitute)
Ulathtallar Arch-Priestess of the Arach-Tinlith
Ulfaerz’un’arr Arch-Seeress of the Sorcere
Ul’Saruk Warlord of the Melee-Magthere
Ul’Veldriss Arch-Shadow Mistress of the Security Institute
Valuk male monarch (reference for non-Drow races)
Valsharess queen
Veldriss / Veldruk shadow mistress / master
Yath’Abban Temple agent
Yathtallar High Priestess of Lolth
Yochlol handmaiden of Lolth


Common Drow
dragon tagnik’zur
drow ilythiiri
dwarf (dwarves) hargluk (harglukkin)
elf, surface darthiir
gnome (gnomes) yingil (yingilin)
goblin (goblins) gol (goln)
half-elf tu’rilthiir
halfling sakphul
human (humans) rivvil (rivvin)
illithid (illithids) haszak (haszakkin)


Drow Common
Vendui’ I/we greet you
Aluve’ I/we leave you
Jal khaless zhah waela All trust is foolish
Oloth zhah tuth abbil lueth ogglin Darkness is both friend and enemy
Xun izil dos phuul quarthen, lueth dro Do as you are ordered, and live
Lolth tlu malla; jal ultrinnan zhah xundus Lolth be praised; all victory is [her] doing
Ilharessen zhaunil alurl Matrons know best
Lil alurl velve zhah lil velkyn uss The best knife is the unseen one
Lil waela lueth waela ragar brorna lueth wund nind, kyorlin elghinn The foolish and unwary find surprises among them, waiting death
Khaless nau uss mzild taga dosstan Trust no one more than yourself
Nindyn vel’uss kyorl nind ratha thalra elghinn dal lil alust Those who watch their backs meet death from the front
Ulu z’hin maglust dal qu’ellar lueth Valsharess zhah ulu z’hin wund lil phalar To walk apart from House and Queen is to walk into the grave
Kyorl jal bauth, kyone, lueth lil Quarval-Sharess xal balbau dos lil belbol del elendar dro Watch all about, warily, and the Goddess may give you the gift of continued life
Vel’uss zhaun alur taga lil Quarval-Sharess? Who knows better than the Goddess?
Zhaunil dal Waerr’ess Knowledge from deceit
Dal ultrinnan ulu el’inssrigg From victory to an inn (battle cry)
Ssinssrigg lueth Belaern Lust and Profit
Jiv'elgg lueth jiv'undus phuul jivvin Torture and pain are fun
Ssussun pholor dos! (shortened: Ssussun!) Light upon you! (curse to Drow)
Oloth plynn dos! (shortened: Olot dos!) Darkness take you! (curse to non-Drow)
A’dos quarth! At your command!
Lolth kyorl dos (d’jal) Lolth guard you (you all)


Drow Common
L'alurl abbil zhah dosstan The best trusted friend is yourself
Khal wun dossta belaern Trust in your wealth
Jala cahallin xal tlu elg'cahlin Any food may be poison
Sargh lueth kyona phuul dro'xundus Strength at arms and wariness are survival
L'elamshin d'lil Ilythiiri zhah ulu har'luth jal The destiny of the Drow is to conquer all
L'elend zhah alurl The traditional is best
L'alurl faerbol zhah mrimm (mrann) d’ssinss The best magic item is a female (male) lover
L'alurl gol zhah elghinyrr gol The best goblin is a dead goblin


Common Drow
a natha
above phor
accomplish xun
accomplishment / achievement xundus
across naudal
additional / also mzlin
after p’luin
against qua’laen
agree qua’l
agreement inthigg
aim (goal) ilindith
alert kyone
alike esaph
alive dro
all jal
allure ssinss
ally abban
alone / apart maglust
altar orlenggin
although d’ril
am uil
ambush thalack’vel
among wund
amulet ilinsar
and lueth
another jalbyr
any jala
anybody jalkhel
anyone jaluss
anything jalbol
apprentice wanre
are phuul
argument qua’laelay
arm da’re
armor ky’ostal
around bauth
arrest ply’uss
arrow b’luth’ol
as izil
assassin velg’larn
assassinate ol’elg
assassintion ol’elghinn
at a
attractive ssin’urn
avoid bautha
avoiding bauthin
back rath
backstab rath’elg
band akh
barrier kulggen
battle thalack
battle-might sargh
be tlu
beauty ssin
beautiful ssin’urn
because p’wal
been tlus
before p’los
behind rathrae
below / beneath harl
beside tu’suul
best alurl
better alur
between tu’fyr
beware sarn
beyond tu’jol
birth ilhar
bitch elg’caress
bite tril
bitter riknueth
blade velve
bless bel’la
block kulg
blood vlos
brazier linthre
break harventh
brother dalninuk
body khel
bond valm
book zhuan’ol
both tuth
bow b’luthyrr
bravery honglath
brightness ssussun
but jhal
by a
calm haunguuth
captive kul’gobuss
capture ply’uss
care kyon
careful kyone
carefulness kyona
carrion iblith
cast luth
cattle rothe
cauldron linth’el
caution (distrust) ne’kales
caution (stealth) olist
cave / cavern har’ol
chalice shanaal
chalice, sacrificial orshal
charm ssinss
chest mamulen
child dalhar
city che’el
climb z’orr
cloak piwafwi
coinage belaern
cold inthuul
come doer
command quarth
commission a’quarth
complain elg’car
complete (n) xundus
complete (v) xun
comrade abbil
concealment veldrin
confrontation qua’laelay
conquer har’luth
conquering ultrinnan
conqueror ultrin
consider talinth
conspiracy olis’inth
continue elendar
contribution fielthal
council olis’inthigg
coward rath’arg
create beldro
cut harventh
dagger velve’re
dagger, sacrificial orvelve’re
danger sreen
darkness oloth
dart kyil
daughter dalharil
dead elghinyrr
death elghinn
death (in Lolth’s name) streea
deceit waerr’ess
dedicate bel’la
despise phlith
destiny ul-ilindith
destiny (of Lolth) elamshin
destroy elgg
did xunus
die el
different endar
disagree qua’lae
discover ragar
dishonor rath’argh
distrust (n) ne’kales
distrust (v) ne’kalsa
do xun
dodge bautha
doing xunin
dominance z’ress
done xunor
don’t xuat
door obsul
down harl
dwelling el’lar
each weth
earth (element) har’dro
eat cal
effort xund
either usbyr
electricity nizzre’
encounter thalra
endure elendar
enemy ogglin
escape do’bauth
every ril
everybody rilkhel
everyone riluss
everything rilbol
evil verin
excrement iblith
expedition z’hind
extra mziln
eye sol
face jindurn
facing alust
father ilharn
favor elamshinae
fawn / flatter s’lurpp
fearless streeaka
female jalil
few stath
fighting melee
fighting (magical) melaer
find ragar
fire / flame chath
flesh siltrin
food cahallin
fool wael
foolish waela
for whol
force z’ress
forefront alust
forgiveness nelgetha
friend abbil
from dal (often shortened to da’)
fun jivvin
future ulin
gap obsul
gem eoul
get inbau
gift belbol
give belbau
glass / goblet shanaal
go alu
goal ilindith
going aluin
goddess (generic) Quar’valsharess
goddess (Lolth) Quarval-sharess
gone alus
good bwael
grace (holy) elamshinae
grace suliss
graceful suliss’urn
grave (tomb) phalar
greed ssinssrigg
group akh
guard kyorl
guide (n) mrimm
guide (v) mrigg
had inbalus
hag elg’caress
hair lisstrin
hand crossbow sithyrr
handsome ssin’urn
have inbal
hate phlith
he uk
head karliik
heart xukuth
help xxizz
her ilta
here ghil
heresy og’elendar
heretic og’elend
hers ilt
herself iltan
hidden velkyn
highest ultrin
him ukta
himself uktan
his ukt
hit zotreth
hold mir
holy orthae
honor bel’la
hot sseren
house (noble) Qu’ellar
house (non-noble) el’lar
house insignia qu’ilinsar
how vel’uss
hurl luth
I usstan
if ka
imperial valsharen
in wun
incense cha’ol
inn el’inssrigg
inside wu’suul
inspiration mrimm
inspire mrigg
institute magthere
instrument velnarin
intelligence (recon) xel’xundussa
intelligent ne’kalsa
intercourse (slang) vith
into wund
invisible velkyn
is zhah
it ol
its olt
itself oltan
item bol
javelin luth’ol
join valm
journey z’hind
key mrim’ol
kidnap ply’usaerth
kill elgg
kneel har’il’cik
knife velve’ri
know / learn zhaun
knowledge zhaunil
large izznarg
leg da’ur
life dro
light ssussun
lightning nizzre’
life saph
Lolth’s power / servants yorn
Lolth’s will elamshin
location k’lar
lock (n) mri’kul
lock (v) mre’kol
lost noamuth
love / lust ssinssrigg
lover (female) mrimm d’ssinss
lover (male) mrann d’ssinss
mage faern
magic faer
magic item faerbol
magical faerl
male jaluk
many mzil
may xal
me ussa
medallion ilinsar
meet thalra
meeting talthalra
memory zha’linth
mine usst
monster phindar
more mzild
most mzilst
mother ilhar
mouth waes
much mzilt
music ssinsuurul
my ussta
myself usstan
neither nausbyr
neutral noalith
no nau
nobody naukhel
none naust
not naut
nothing naubol
now nin
of del (often shortened to d’)
off tir
offal iblith
old zhuanth
on pholor
onto pholod
opening obsul
opponent ogglin
oppose ogglir
opposing ogglirin
opposite indarae
or xor
other byr
our udossta
ours udosst
ourselves udosstan
out doeb
outcast / pariah dobluth
outside do’suul
over phor
pain jiv’undus
pardon nelgetha
passion ssinssrigg
past (time) zhahn
path colbauth
perhaps xal
piracy op’elgin
pirate op’elg
place k’lar
plan inth
plane zik’den’vever
platter lintaguth
play jivvin
plot olis’inth
poison (n) elg’cahl
poison (v) elg’cahal
power z’ress
praise bel’la
prevail ultrinnan
present (time) nin
prison kul’gobsula
prisoner kul’gobuss
profit belaern
psionic z’talin
punch zotreth
punish sarn’elgg
raid thalackz’hind
ransom ply’usaerth
reckless streeaka
remove drewst
ride z’har
royal valsharen
royal seal sharulg
ruse golhyrr
sacred orthae
safe sreen’aur
scheme inth
school magthere
scourge elgluth
scroll narkuth
security val’xundussa
seduction ssinss
seize plynn
servant wanre
sever harventh
several blynol
sex vith
shadows veldrin
shall zhal
she il
shield kulggen
side suul
silence venorsh
silent venorik
since yol
similar indar
sister dalninil
skin waess
slave rothe
small inlul
speak talin
so ji
some fol
somebody folkhel
someone foluss
something folbol
son dalharuk
speak waesul
spear luth’ol
spell faerz’unduss
spellbook faerz’ol
spider orbb
spy vel’xunyrr
steal olplynir
strength z’ress
strength-at-arms sargh
strike zotreth
strip raldar
subjugate har’luth
such folt
suicide streea’ru
superior alur
supreme ultrin
surprise brorn
survival dro’xundus
sweet ssinjin
sword vre’elv
sycophant s’lurppuk
take plynn
tavern el’inssrigg
temple yath (property, work or decree)
than taga
thank bel’la
that nindel
the lil
their ninta
them nin
themselves nintan
there gaer
these nindolen
they nind
then zhahn
thief olplyn
thieving op’elgin
thing bol
think talinth
this nindol
those nindyn
throat rinteith
throne sharorr
throw luth
time draeval
to ulu
together ul’naus
torture jiv’elgg
toward ulan
traditional elend
traitor og’elend
trap golhyrr
trapdoor obsu’arl
treason og’elendar
treasure belaernus
treaty ke’inthigg
trick golhyrri
trust (n) khaless
trust (v) khal
unaware waela’ro
under harl
Underdark Har’oloth
unknown ko’noamuth
until hwuen
up phor
us udossa
usual relend
victory ultrinnan
wait kyorl
waiting kyorlin
walk z’hin
wanderer vo’noamuth
war ra-thalack
wards ky’ov’aer
was zhahus
watch kloril
watchful kloril’urn
watching klorilin
water niar
way colbauth
we udos
wealth belaern
weapon sarol
well al
went alus
were zhahen
wet loniar
what vel’bol
when vel’drav
where vel’klar
which vel’bolen
whine elg’car
whip elgluth
who vel’noa
whom vel’noam
whose vel’dos
why vel
wine jhinrae
wisdom zhaunril
with xuil
within w’rund
without xuileb
wizard faernze
work xun’dil
yes xas
yet quin
you dos
young waelin
your dossta
yours dosst


Common Drow
black drin
blue ni
brown bil
copper chaliss
gold ssusliss
green pho
grey indrin
orange ssuslos
purple nilos
red los
silver ssinliss
yellow ssus
white bwa
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