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Artathi Racial Traits in the Hybrid System

  • Size: Medium
  • Height (Min): 4’ 9”
  • Height (Max): 5’ 3”
  • Weight (Min): 95
  • Weight (Max): 130
  • Speed: 7
  • Vision: Normal
  • Attribute Bonuses: +2 Dexterity, Charisma
  • Skill Bonuses: +2 Acrobatics, Perception

Racial Features

Cost Artathi Racial Feature
5 Balance: +4 to checks involving keeping balance
10 Bloodright: gain the power associated with your caste
5 Bola Bonus: +1 to attack with bolas
10 Darkvision: gain Darkvision
5 Fearless Curiosity: +2 to defenses and saves vs. fear
5 Feline Fall: +4 to checks to avoid damage or land better when falling
10 Feline Fury: gain the Feline Fury racial ability
5 Hunter: +2 to Stealth for the purposes of stalking
5 Implement Bonus: +1 to attack with totems and holy symbols
5 Keen Senses: +1 to Perception and initiative
5 Low-Light Vision: gain Low-Light Vision
5 Maw: gain a strong bite natural attack
5 Net Bonus: +1 to attack with nets
10 Pounce: may use the pounce power
5 Pride Caste: gain an artathi racial heritage
5 Quick Reflexes: may still have a move action if surprised
10 Racial Weapons: gain proficiency with boomerang and plains harpoon
5 Retractable Claws: gain two claw natural attacks
5 Spear Bonus: +1 to attack with spears
10 Stalker: may use the Stalker power
10 Swift Stand: gain the Swift Stand racial ability
10 Uncanny Instincts: +1 to any single defense

Racial Heritages / Subraces


  • Stats: +2 Intelligence, Charisma
  • Skills: +2 Diplomacy, Insight
  • Description: Puma; dark fur, short ears, yellow eyes
  • Bloodright: Feral Deceipt


  • Stats: +2 Dexterity, Constitution
  • Skills: +2 Acrobatics, Stealth
  • Description: Leopard; mottled fur, stocky build, blue eyes
  • Bloodright: Survivor


  • Stats: +2 Wisdom, Charisma
  • Skills: +2 Nature, Perception
  • Description: Lynx; grey/yellow fur, pointed ears, silver eyes
  • Bloodright: Wildwalker


  • Stats: +2 Strength, Charisma
  • Skills: +2 Diplomacy, Intimidate
  • Description: Lion; short fur, mane, orange eyes
  • Bloodright: Roar of the Lion Heart


  • Stats: +2 Dexterity, Constitution
  • Skills: +2 Athletics, Stealth
  • Description: Mongrel; a mix of two breeds
  • Bloodright: Mongrel’s Luck


  • Stats: +2 Dexterity, Intelligence
  • Skills: +2 Acrobatics, History
  • Description: Cheetah; spotted fur, short build, black eyes
  • Bloodright: Cheetah Burst


  • Stats: +2 Strength, Constitution
  • Skills: +2 Endurance, Nature
  • Description: Snow Leopard; white fur, board, short build, silver-blue eyes
  • Bloodright: Snowblend


  • Stats: +2 Strength, Wisdom
  • Skills: +2 Diplomacy, Religion
  • Description: Tiger; orange, striped fur, powerful build, green eyes
  • Bloodright: Meditative Strike


  • Stats: +2 Strength, Constitution
  • Skills: +2 Athletics, Endurance
  • Description: Jaguar; yellow/dark fur, short and strong, purple eyes
  • Bloodright: Jaguar Leap

Racial Feats


+1 to Perception, do not grant Offense Advantage during surprise rounds

  • Prerequisite: Keen Senses racial feature
  • Cost: 4

Claw Climb

+2 to Athletics: Climbing checks when using your claws

  • Prerequisite: Retractable Claws racial feature
  • Cost: 3

Feline Gaze

Gain a gaze attack that inflicts a random condition

  • Prerequisite: Pride Caste racial feature
  • Cost: 10

Rending Bite

If you also hit with your bite attack in a round, you deal 2 additional damage

  • Prerequisite: Maw racial feature, Rending Claws racial feat
  • Cost: 4

Rending Claws

If you hit with both claws in a round, you deal 4 extra damage

  • Prerequisite: None
  • Cost: 6

Tooth & Nail

+1 to attack and damage with natural weapons

  • Prerequisite: Maw or Retractable Claws racial features
  • Cost: 8

Powers and Abilities

Cheetah Burst

Sal’artathi Racial Ability

  • Encounter

You may add 3 to your movement rather than 2 when you charge or run.

Feline Fury

Artathi Racial Ability

  • Daily

Gain a bonus to your next attack or damage equal to your Dexterity modifier or +3, whichever is higher.

Feline Gaze

Artathi Power

  • Encounter

Unsettling gaze inflicts a random minor condition for a single round.

Feral Deceipt

Ahl’artathi Racial Ability

  • Daily

You may roll twice for any single Bluff check to tell a lie, or Insight check to detect a lie.

Jaguar Leap

Vyk’artathi Racial Ability

  • Daily

Make a powerful leap as your move action; roll your Athletics check twice to determine success, and add 5 to the final result.

Meditative Strike

Tal’artathi Racial Ability

  • Daily

Sacrifice a round to meditate on the Artathi spirits; you gain +4 to your next attack roll and may reroll if it is a fumble.

Mongrel’s Luck

Letathen Racial Ability

  • Daily

Choose a single roll; you may roll two dice and take the better result.


Artathi Power

  • Encounter

If you charge a foe granting Offense Advantage you may make a full attack.

Roar of the Lion Heart

Il’artathi Racial Ability

  • Daily

Close burst 1; deafen foes (save ends) and push them 1 square.


Syltath Racial Ability

  • Daily

Render yourself effectively invisible in a snowy environment, no skill check necessary.


Artathi Power

  • Encounter

Gain Offense Advantage on your attack if engaging a target without any ally or enemy within 5 squares.


Dal’artathi Racial Ability

  • Daily

Use when first bloodied; gain +1 to saving throws and Defenses until the end of the encounter.

Swift Stand

Artathi Racial Ability

  • Encounter

You stand from prone without provoking attacks of opportunity.


Htak’artathi Racial Ability

  • Daily

You may roll twice for any single Nature or Perception check to track or hide your tracks.

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