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The Language Virus of the Slarecians

Some wizards who have attempted to decipher ancient slarecian texts through the use of high magick have only succeeded in afflicting themselves with a bizarre enchantment or disease. Once afflicted, the victim is unable to speak or write in any language. When she attempts to speak, her voice only enunciates a sing-song garbled gibberish, and when she attempts to write, her hand moves of its own accord, almost as if ghost-writing, and etches only scrawling knots of lines that resemble no known language. Though victims can still think coherently in any language with which they were fluent before, they lose all ability to communicate externally with such languages.

Were this mental affliction to end there, it would seem to be the result of some curse or mystic rune embedded in th slarecian language. However, the affliction, like a disease, is contagious, and anyone to whom the afflicted speaks or anyone who takes more than a glance of anything the afflicted writes also becomes subject to the disease. It is as if the disease is passed on through the gibberish the afflicted uses in lieu of language. Therefore, where the disease has broken it, it has spread very quickly until a sage has been consulted and the afflicted quarantined and cured.

Any two people afflicted with the disease may communicate with one another, but with no one who is not affected. Additionally, victims of the language virus cannot cast spells with verbal components, speak proper commands words to activate magical items, read scrolls or spell books or even pray properly to regain divine spells.

Anyone using magical means to decipher the slarecian language or even trying non-magical means of intense study to crack this enigmatic language may be subject to this disease if the text studied happens to carry it. Such linguistic researchers of "diseased" texts must attempt a Will saving throw (DC 22, which increases over time and attempts) to resist infection.

All who hear the afflicted speak or read their afflicted writing must pass a Fort saving throw (DC 18, which increases over exposure time) to resist picking up the disease themselves.

The language virus can be cured with magick like any other disease, may be removed as though it were a curse or even dispelled as a magical effect (treat as caster level 15). However, the material component required to cure or dispel this virus is an arcane scroll or book that is consumed in the casting (minimum value of 50 gold).

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