Lord of Blood

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Lord of Blood

Lord of Blood
Lord of Blood

A Prestige Class for the Hybrid System

The most powerful vampire blood magicians often become lords of blood. A lord of blood enhances the various powers he gains from his vampiric nature with an unparalleled understanding of blood magic. Seriously adept at draining the blood of others for their own evil ends, lords of blood can be truly dangerous foes for even the most experienced of adventurers. They are especially feared for their ability to drain the blood from their enemies at range.

Lords of blood are almost always sorcerers or wizards, though occasionally a bard will follow the path of the blood lord.


To qualify to become a lord of blood, a character must fulfill all the following criteria.

  • Alignment: Chaotic evil
  • Template: Vampire
  • Skills: Arcana training; Anatomy secondary skill
  • Spellcasting: Ability to cast 4th level arcane spells

Hybrid System

  • Role: Arcane Striker
  • Morale per Level: 6
  • Ability Pools: Arcane, Specialty: Blood
  • Provides class synergy with any one arcane spellcasting class of the player’s choosing

Brute Finesse Strategy Focus Emotional Presence Armor Physical Mental Reflex Fortitude Will
0.5 0.25 0 0.25 0.5 1 0.25 0 0.5 0.25 0.5 1

Lord of Blood
Level Abilities
1 Blood Sacrifice
2 Bloody Fangs
3 Blood Children
4 Exsanguinator
5 Bleed Dry
6 Opportunistic Sacrifice
7 Blood Spawn
8 Bloody Vapor
9 Creature of Blood
10 Ritual Fangs

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the lord of blood prestige class.

  • Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The lord of blood gains no new weapon, armor or shield proficiencies.

Blood Sacrifice

You have been trained to ritually kill a helpless opponent, spilling their blood to gain magical energy for your own ends.

If you attempt a coup de grace on a helpless character or creature, the victim gets a –2 penalty on his death save. In addition, if you kill your victim with the coup de grace attack, you gain magical energy from his death – you may do any one of the following:

  • For each full 10 morale the victim had (before subtracting any he lost while you inflicted the coup de grace) you gain +1 caster level to any one arcane spell you cast by the end of the following round.
  • Immediately cast an arcane spell that you know and that usually takes one action or less to cast, as a free action and without expending ability points, to a maximum spell level equal to their morale divided by 10.
  • Use his own blood in place of your own in a blood ritual.
  • Gain a single power or enhancement based on the victim drained, such as a Stealth skill bonus if a rogue was drained, or a Strength buff from a minotaur.

Bloody Fangs

Whenever a lord of blood slays an opponent by reducing his Constitution score to 0 using his blood drain attack, he gains all the benefits he would have gained had he sacrificed the victim (see above). In addition, his bite attack also increases one die size in damage.

Blood Children

Every time a lord of blood uses his children of the night special attack, he may spill 4 morale worth of his own blood to apply the blood creature template to all the summoned creatures. This is a supernatural ability.


A lord of blood is able to control the blood of others – even when it is still in their bodies. As a full-round action, the lord of blood cuts himself (losing 3 morale) in an attempt to drain blood directly from the victim into his own body. This acts exactly like a blood drain attack, including the additional benefits gained from the Bloody Fangs class feature, but acting at range against the target. The target must be within close range, and full-round concentration is required to maintain the blood drain, though the target is allowed a saving throw each round to break the ritual.

Bleed Dry

The lord of blood’s fang blood drain ability now drains 6 points of Constitution each round. In addition, if the target is reduced to 0 Constitution by this power, the lord of blood gains 10 temporary morale.

Opportunistic Sacrifice

You are somewhat more warlike than the typical esoteric blood magician, and have learned how to declare almost any opponent you have killed to be a sacrifice, drawing magical energy directly from his dying and your great spilling of his blood, even if you slew him in combat rather than in the more traditional ritualistic manner.

Any time you kill an opponent by using a piercing or slashing weapon in melee combat, you may gain the benefits of the Blood Sacrifice power, just as though you had killed them in accordance with that ability.

Blood Spawn

A lord of blood is considered to have a telepathic bond with anyone they bite, though this connection can be resisted by the target if chosen.

Bloody Vapor

A lord of blood may take on a variant gaseous form, similar in appearance to the usual gaseous form but with a strong tinge of blood-red to the color of the gas. A lord of blood in bloody vapor form is treated as a vampire in gaseous form except that he can still cast blood magic. He is still unable to use other spell-like or supernatural abilities, however. Assuming bloody vapor form is a supernatural ability and may be done up to three times per day for up to three rounds on each occasion. When the three round duration expires, the lord of blood transforms to any of his other permissible forms at his discretion, as a standard action.

Creature of Blood

The lord of blood can create a familiar from his own blood, any animal type of up to Medium size. The creature is under the lord’s control for the encounter, and may act as normal for such a creature. The lord of blood shares an empathic link with the creature to a distance of up to one mile – he may communicate telepathically with it, though its low Intelligence will restrict the effectiveness of such communication.

Ritual Fangs

The lord of blood’s fang blood drain attack now drains 8 points of Constitution each round and further increases another die in damage.

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