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"Every single one of us have heard the Dork-Call !!!!"
"Every single one of us have heard the Dork-Call !!!!"
The Dork Den
The Dork Den

Member of the Dungeonmates.

Our Number One DM - a.k.a. The Goblin King (from Paul).

Shane's been a dork for as long as he can remember. Ever since he taught himself to play D&D by running adventures by himself using only the 1E Rules Compendium when he was 13, he's been desperately trying to convince others around him to play (it seems a lot less pathetic that way). Luckily, Shane has had a great deal of success in that regards, surrounding himself with an ever-changing group of fellow nerdlets over the years. In recent years Shane has enjoyed the increasing opportunity to be a player rather than game master, watching his little flock grow up and evolve into GM's themselves.


Asura - Deva Invoker and ex-Priest of Ioun (Dark Eberron)

Ganu-Vutha - Goliath Bard (?)

Matvara - Siarran Circus Performer, Fortune-Teller and Bard (Arbostand Campaign)

Mith'Gwalu - Elf Rogue (Carrion Crown Campaign)

Nyrezza - Ilsig Harrowblood Sorcerer (Swords in the City)

Rylos the Gallivant! - Kender Bard (Pirates)

Ranin - Ogre Conjurer and Priest of Iallanis (Champions of Uvatha)

Tahl'ravar - Wild Elf Ranger (Return to Runa)

Udazu - Hadozee Skyship Scoundrel (Sky Pirates of Eberron)


Awakening Campaign (Game Master)

Evolution Campaign (Game Master)

Falling Stars Campaign (Game Master)

Glory of Gruumsh (Game Master)

Land of Fate Campaign (Game Master)

Pirates of Eternal Fortune (Contributor & Guest GM)

Rifts Earth Campaign Series (Primary GM)

Shadows of the Stars Campaign (Game Master)

Underdark Campaign (Game Master)

When Worlds Collide (Game Master)


Cthulhu Horror: "Cage of Madness"; "Qadeshtu Exosmose", "The Earth is Hungry"

Legends of Northrend (Game Master)


Shane Weapon Drawing Archive

That One Time We Modeled for Fantasy Art

Shane Recipe Archive


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